Are Machines flipping votes in Washoe and Clark County?

Edward Solomon and team, state they can prove the machines are rigging the votes in Washoe and Clark County.

In addition, they show you how they say it is done.

Then they show you a few races it affected, they say it happened across the board, and show a few as examples.

Then they state what the real outcomes to these races would be. In addition, they state it doesn’t take into account all the ballot fraud as well. Their results and findings are solely by the machines alone:

140 Page Scientific Paper for the PHD’s showing how they say it’s done:

Spreadsheet showing a few of the races they say it affected and the real results:

Why isn’t this being covered everywhere by the media? Why are these machines still being used if true?

Demand answers from the Secretary of State, Registrar of Voters, and County Commissioners today!