Bob Lucey’s called stepdad, John Scott Burkett killed Kelly on his 2nd DUI and received at least 5 DUIs…

(John and Marcia Above)

John Scott Burkett is Marcia Lucey’s significant other.

Robert Lingenfelter-Luceys Mom states that John is a great father figure in the absence of their biological father.

Brad Lingenfelter, her ex-husband and children’s father, is still alive.

It’s difficult to tell if Marcia and John are married; however, this obituary shows they are:

Dozens of witnesses say they are; dozens of witnesses also say Robert Bob Lingenfelter Lucey introduces John as his stepdad.

It’s also known Marcia and John Scott Burkett still live together and bought a home together in 2014. So both Marica and John’s names are on the title.

John Scott Burkett killed Kelly Kolozsi in July of 1988.

Kelly was 24.

(Above: Kelly’s car, in a 35 MPH Zone)

It was John’s second DUI. John has received at least 5 DUIs.

On the day of the accident, John was on cocaine, drunk, doing 70 MPH in a 35 MPH with a cocaine dealer in his vehicle when he killed Kelly.

Why hasn’t Robert Bob Lingenfelter Lucey never publicly addressed John Scott Burketts actions and how Bob feels about them?

How is someone with at least 5 DUIs and tremendous other offenses not in jail?

Download the court records here and form your own decisions on who asked for leniency, what happened, what kept happening, and what Burkett said about his actions here:

There are also articles recently published that offers more insight into the above that can be found via search engine.

(Above: Bob Lucey, Marcia Lucia, John Scott Burkett and family)