Does our vote truly count in Washoe or Clark?

The Washoe voter rolls have serious issues, more concerning is the missing registered voters and their potentially missing votes:

Watch the presentation by Seth Keshel, Robert Beadles, and Joey Gilbert presentation on Washoe and Clark County Election fraud here:

The Election Power Structure:
Clark and Washoe County are the only two counties where an elected county clerk does not run the elections. In Clark and Washoe, the County Commissioners appoint a County Manager who appoints the Registrar of voters. All can be fired by the Commissioners, and all report to the Commissioners. Both positions are appointed, not elected.

Both The ROV and Assistant ROV in Washoe had bankruptcies prior to gaining their election roles. Additionally, the County Manager is rumored to have been going through debt consolidation prior to taking the County Manager appointed position.

The actual election process in Washoe and similar in Clark is as follows:
The public, the voters, and the election observers are not allowed to watch the tally of the votes, inspect the ballots, inspect the signatures, be present to watch the thumb drives be removed from the voting machines and inserted into the EMS machine where the electronic votes are tabulated. In addition, we are not allowed to audit the source code to the machines and are not allowed to meaningfully be present during a recount or audit.

Temp Workers Used in the Elections:
In 2020 The ROV admitted to using temp workers in Washoe to count the ballots and work the elections, while we had 2,000 volunteers willing to do it. The temp hires came from My Next Career Path in Las Vegas and Man Power of Reno.

In 2022 they come from South Florida’s A&A Associates and My Next Career Path of Las Vegas. This year we have over 4,000 local volunteers willing to help. So why use temps from out of the area?

Commissioner Chair Bob Lingenfelter-Lucey threatened Marsha Berkbigler and told her he would get her for failing to vote his way. More specifically, he would “go after her in the election.”

An unknown liberal, Alexis Hill, we’re told, beat the beloved sitting commissioner, Marsha Berkbigler, in the wee hours of the morning, in a strong Republican district:

The ballots have an associated QR code on them. The machine that reads the ballots associates a digital image of the physical ballot. The digital images can then be “adjudicated” by one person who can decide where one or all of the votes go, regardless of how the voter voted.

With no real transparency, accountability, or elected official in charge of our elections, can we truly trust our votes count the way we intended?

This is why Robert Beadles and others are suing Washoe County and Clark County—so all legal voters will have transparency into our most sacred voice, our vote.

Want to help?

Become an election observer—work in teams. Be present for the entire voting process—work in shifts. We can not be unlawfully pushed out. Report any violations you witness to law enforcement and election workers.

Get the names of who you reported the violations to, take photos and video if available, document everything, and send them to us here as well.

Also, demand the Registrar of Voters allows meaningful observation now. We must be present for the entire process. We must see the ballots are legitimate and legitimately counted. We must verify the thumb drives with votes on them report accurately on the EMS machine.

See the attached lawsuit(s) and demand these processes are met by the ROV, County Manager, and County Commissioners.

We must ensure our votes for all legal voters count legitimately.

Get involved, do not wait for others to do what you must do for yourself and future generations.