Is Mariluz stealing your man too?

As reported by the NevadaGlobe here, Mariluz Garcia is alleged to have wrecked the home of Oscar Delgado.

Oscar Delgado stepped down from the Reno City Council but Mariluz is still banging forward with her run for county commission district 3.

She allegedly is renting in District 3 to run for office while her home according to records is located outside of district 3.

In her Doctoral Dissertation, she supports CRT, and potentially socialism, to communism.

Mariluz is also supported by the globalist George Soros Crew.

How can we ever vote for a homewrecking, carpetbagging, or potential commie?

Who may also be in bed with the Soros gang too?

We support Denise Myer, she’s no commie, carpetbagging, homewrecker.
She’s a devout Christian, putting her life on hold to make all of ours better.

We’re voting for Denise Myer, and suggest you do too, regardless of party.