What These Trusted Women Say About Washoe County Commissioner Bob Lucey

Robert Leon Lucey [born Robert Leon Lingenfelter] has proven that he is not for Washoe County or the constituents he represents in District 2.

In where they state he has consistently used his power to hurt reputations, attempted to cost the citizens millions, harass, and belittle women. His favorite pastime is enjoying sexual encounters in his county office.

Learn more what these trusted people say about the so-called Republican in the videos below. They say he is not fit, etc.

Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey was racist to Mr. Eric Brown.

Bob Lucey-Lingenfelter, “Apparently, he doesn’t like black people and he thinks he can control the female he is planning to replace him with.”
Jeanne Herman: Married Commissioner Bob Lucey engaging in explicit ‘relations’ with Kate Thomas.
Marsha Berkbigler: Bob Lucey said he was ‘going to get me’ for not supporting his love affair Kate Thomas.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey took dirty money, and couldn’t pay it back.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey was trying to undermine County Assessor Michael Clark in helping the county save 120 Million Dollars.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey continually harassed and belittled County Assessor Michael Clark.
Jeanne Herman: County Assessor Michael Clark was not safe around Bob Lucey.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey made it a point to make County Assessor Michael Clark’s life a living hell, for being for Washoe County Citizens.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey went out of his way to make sure the County Assessor’s office Roof was NOT repaired.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey acted like a high-school bully to County Assessor Michael Clark.
Marsha Berkbigler: Bob Lucey made it a point to leave out County Assessor Michael Clark from all things county related.
Marsha Berkbigler: Bob Lucey continuously talked down to and mocked County Assessor Michael Clark.
Marsha Berkbigler: County Assessor Michael Clark should NOT have been found guilty for bogus charge.
Jeanne Herman: Bob Lucey is directly responsible for numerous County Employees quitting their County Positions.
Marsha Berkbigler: Bob Lucey wanted the Incline Village taxpayer to pay un-necessary millions in property taxes.
Marsha Berkbigler: Married Bob Lucey enjoys being a womanizer and shaming women (and men) who don’t agree with him.
Marsha Berkbigler: I too was also constantly threatened by Commissioner Bob Lucey.
Marsha Berkbigler: The only person Commissioner Bob Lucey cares about is himself, not Washoe County, nor even his own family.
Jeanne Herman: The Restraining Order filed against County Assessor Michael Clark was a fraud.