Edwin Lyngar in his own words

Edwin is also connected to Soros and other ‘Dark Money,’ read here: https://thefranklinproject.com/allegations/soros-dark-money-connected-washoe-candidates/

Don’t take it from us on Edwin Lyngar’s positions, take it straight from his own words.

Picture of Edwin Lyngar via Salon.com

Fascinated with his son’s penis:

“There is nothing more beautiful than Ray Ray’s penis, but I won’t be seeing it much longer because he just turned four. His days of running around the house naked with penis flapping and wild blond hair flying is coming to an end. My feelings about his penis have no unseemly connotations. I’m just fascinated by it because it’s totally unlike mine— Ray Ray is uncircumcised.


Calling his son ball “sack”, mocking Christ, and more:

“I cuss indiscriminately. I lovingly call my youngest son “sack” (short for ball sack). In fact, several kids’ names have been contorted into variations on “douche-bag.” I walk the house in various states of undress, I holler a lot, and I mock Jesus Christ at just about every opportunity. I do all these things in front of my children. When my older sons, 16 and 18, give me a bunch of shit, I remind them that “I banged their moms” (plural because they have different mothers). In my defense, the older boys refer to me as “the fat man.” Other parents would be horrified at my daily parental ritual, but this litany of idiosyncratic parenting doesn’t express just how much I really love all my kids, ages, 3, 5, 12, 16, and 18.”



His view of Jesus hanging half naked on the cross as Crucifixion Porn:

“I view the sexual fetish of Jesus hanging half naked on the cross as Crucifixion Porn, exemplified in movies such as The Passion of the Christ by delightful Christian Mel Gibson. Somewhere in the world someone is masturbating to this image at this exact moment. The worst part is the incessant demand by Christians that we all stare at this ghastly fiction and feel bad! Jesus suffered, and we should all give a flying fuck. But I do not.”


He doesn’t mind if we call him a “communist”

“Call me a communist if you’d like, but if we don’t put some effort into our next generation—regardless of the salary of their parents—we’re going to end up with a society of messed up kids or even no kids for otherwise great parents.”


His thoughts on gun ownership:

“It would be easy to better regulate guns, in an attempt to start to lower the body count. We could require firearm insurance, like car insurance. Gun owners could be required to carry a $250,000 bond in case his or her gun killed someone. Or, we could have strict registration of guns to an individual owner. If your gun hurts someone (and is not reported stolen), you are criminally responsible. We hold people responsible for all sorts of shit in this country—parking, speeding, and often the color you paint your house—but for some reason, guns are a free-for-all.”


“Guns don’t kill bad guys, studies are clear: They kill wives and kids, friends and neighbors, and very often the owners themselves through suicide or accident. Any logical examination of guns shows that they do much more harm than good. That is the reality. They make our society worse, and the calculation isn’t even close.”

“If we decide we can’t even talk about guns, we have to admit that murdered children don’t really bother us. Let’s just admit it. Whoever refuses to even discuss guns must be willing to say that he or she accepts groups of dead children every so often as the everyday cost of doing business.”


Is this someone you want running our lives, businesses, families, and County?

We support Jeanne Herman, she has been fighting for us and our failing county by herself on the commissioner board. Let’s re-elect her, elect Denise Myer and Mike Clark for county commissioners, and clean up our county!

Do you agree?

We’ll see you on election day to find out Washoe!