Soros & ‘Dark Money’ Connected Washoe Candidates

According to the Nevada Globe, Multiple Candidates running for office here in the State of Nevada are being funded in large part by George Soros and ‘Dark Money.’

The Following Candidates are supported by ‘Dark Money’ and George Soros (the Hungarian Jew who turned on his own fellow Jews).

Washoe County Commissioners:
Edwin Lyngar – District 5
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Keith Lockard – District 2
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Mariluz Garcia – District 3
Read More about Mariluz Garcia

Aaron Ford – Attorney General
Cisco Aguilar – Secretary of State
Steve Sisolak – Governor
As well as many others.

A Compiled list of over 200 Organizations linked Fully or in Part by George Soros.

As reported by Fox News:

Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss appears to have helped liberal organizations, including a powerful dark money group called the Sixteen Thirty Fund, check off their election policy wishlist with at least $208 million in donations from his nonprofit and foundation since 2016.
The Sixteen Thirty Fund is part of a massive dark money network managed by D.C.-based consulting firm Arabella Advisors, which was founded by Eric Kesser, a former appointee of President Clinton and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.


As of 2014, Wyss said he did not hold American citizenship, although money from his Washington, D.C. based foundation appears to have trickled down into efforts to restore felons’ voting rights in Florida, mandate automatic voter registration in Nevada, redraw districts in Michigan and more.

Mark Elias, who is in a leadership position with Open Democracy, has previously interfered in Nevada’s elections by filing separate lawsuits to stop a Voter ID initiative brought by Repair The Vote, citing that “voter ID suppresses minority voters and is cost prohibitive.” Elias is also an “election denier.”

Elias was general counsel for the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election and cited in the Durham report’s investigation of “Russia collusion” in the 2020 election –which turned out to be a manufactured narrative by the Clinton campaign. Elias also influenced changes to election procedures in a variety of states during the 2020 election by filing dozens of lawsuits and legal challenges.