Is Bob Lucey using drug money?

An article dated 4/22/22 shows Cory Henderson creating a PAC for his friend Commissioner Bob Lucey.

Corey Henderson has a very questionable past, from allegedly pointing a gun at his daughter to allegedly threatening to kill—to selling cocaine.

Additionally, this PAC created by Cory Henderson is registered to the same address where Cory Henderson appears to have a mortgage company?

Bottom line, are your friends alleged to do such things?

Would you expect a County Commissioner to keep such friends, accept money, or help from people like this?

Would you expect your County Commissioner to have changed HIS name? Why does Bob Lucey go by Bob Lucey instead of his given name, Robert Lingenfelter?

Have you seen the court records attributed to Robert Lingenfelter prior to becoming Bob Lucey?

It’s here for your due diligence as well.

It’s also interesting Bob Lucey and Kate Thomas may have perjured themselves in the workplace restraining order that was issued against Mike Clark.

The Courts will have to decide that as well.

Here is that information for you too.

Everything we continue to learn about Bob Robert Lingenfelter Lucey screams alarms.

Everything we see from Mike Clark and his actions screams helping the County, then being lied about and attacked for it.

Clark has lowered taxes, returned tax monies to the citizens, and takes the punches from the Bob Luceys of this County for us.

Mike Clark is certainly the type of leader we feel we need far more of.

We’re voting Clark for County Commissioner, won’t you?