Keith Lockard in the words of those close to him

Keith is also connected to Soros and other ‘Dark Money,’ read here:

Don’t take it from us who Keith Lockard is, take it straight from his neighbors, board members, and others close to him.

“Keith Lockard abused his power by using it to stalk women in the community”


“Keith Lockard doesn’t follow the rules. As an HOA Board president and Architectural Control Committee participant he plays his own solo game in approving changes, installing improvements and violating serious rules and regulations all by himself. This is not allowed for a host of reasons. He’s a loose canon that we must not vote for County Commissioner”


“Past behaviors indicate that Keith Lockard would not hesitate to approve future applications that are in violation of the CCRs. When I connected Keith’s behaviors to the elected positions within our association I became fearful of his lack of ability to follow rules and to lead to the benefit for the people by whom he was elected”


“Keith Lockard represents Keith Lockard”


“Keith Lockard acts alone leaving behind decisions that can’t be undone. He must not be seated for District 2 on the Washoe County Board of Commissions”


“Based upon Keith Lockard’s inability to follow the rules in an appointed or elected position and in conjunction with his funding from George Soros the worst can be left to our imagination. The Commissioners have a great deal of power and in the hands of George Soros let’s not create a situation we would regret for many years to come”


“Keith is a threat to our community association. Do you want him to be a threat to our county by electing him to the County Commission?”


“Keith Lockard is a lecherous old man who uses his official positions to fill his needs”

Keith Lockard is also funded by Money run by Organizations tied to the Nazi, George Soros (the Hungarian Jew who turned on his own fellow Jews, for favor with Nazis).

Is this someone you want running our lives, businesses, families, and County?

We support Mike Clark, he has been fighting for us and our failing county by himself as our County Assessor. Let’s Elect him, elect Denise Myer and Jeanne Herman for county commissioners, and clean up our county!

Do you agree?

We’ll see you on election day to find out Washoe!