Beth Smith: The Home Wrecker — A Developing Story

Reports based on public records and court documents depict an extremely troubling divorce and a disturbing child custody battle involving Beth Smith, known publicly as Beth Braun, Jewell, Smith, and by the nickname “Death Smith.”

According to sources, over a dozen individuals who have had close associations with Smith have come forward, revealing details about her personal and professional demeanor. They allege that Smith has gone to great lengths to gain power and manipulate situations to her advantage.

It has been reported that Smith engaged in a prolonged secret affair during her marriage, which allegedly led to significant personal and family turmoil. Her former spouse, described as a dedicated and hardworking fireman, reportedly suffered greatly due to the affair.

Despite efforts to seal certain records, the majority of the documents related to her divorce and custody battles are publicly available and shed light on the complexities of her personal life.

Whistleblowers suggest that Smith’s behavior may raise serious questions about her role as president of the Washoe County School Board, especially as she seeks re-election. With the responsibilities of overseeing the education of children and young adults, stakeholders express concerns about her suitability for this position.

As the election approaches, the community is urged to consider alternatives for the school board presidency, with Christopher Tabarez named as potential candidate who could bring change and integrity to the role.

This story is still developing, and further details are expected to emerge in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on this critical community issue.

Editor’s Note: Additional reports and insights will follow as more information becomes available.